Avonmouth Projects Group is always looking for volunteers, new projects and support from residents and business. We also require funding, to deliver a better impact on community life and to help create a better enviroment for all in our community. We are open to any ideas you may have.

 Upcoming Events

Check out all our upcoming events on the events pages – there’s lots of new projects to to support through attendance, involvement or by passing the word. 

If there is an event or issue in the community you would like to address, or a project that needs help and support, please email us – we are here to help. 

Avonmouth Community Radio

Avonmouth Community Radio is a local Radio station brought to you by APGcic.  It’s broadcasting across the globe.

Our focus is to deliver local information and events to support community and business in the surrounding area 

Click below to tune in to our community radio station.

Internet Radio

Past Events

If you want to see what we have achieved through our journey so far, or just walk down memory lane please pop through to the past events section. 

Your feedback and comments of support are always welcome.