Leigh Court Ghost Hunt – October 2018, Nov 2019
What a night! The first time a paranormal night has ever been allowed at this amazing location. It didn’t disappoint.
Watch out for more events like these.

We were very lucky to be the only group to be allowed to investigate Leigh Court as a fundraiser for our community events. The house is full of history and tales of sights and sounds. We wont go into detail as we want guests to experience the place themselves rather than build up expectation but there have been many incidents in the evenings we have been investigating.

A large group witnessed an object fall off a table and roll across the floor. Another group saw a small child jump from a balcony and others heard screams and bells. One of our volunteers thinks he saw someone walking around in an area completely empty and our kinect camera picked up strange figures in the basement!

As with any investigation nothing is guaranteed and our team of professional investigators are on hand with equipment and experience.