Leigh Court Ghost Hunt – October 2018, Nov 2019
What a night! The first time a paranormal night has ever been allowed at this amazing location. It didn’t disappoint.
Watch out for more events like these.

Join us for an exclusive chance to take part in a paranormal investigation at Leigh Court Estate & an evening of Clairvoyance by Lisa Morgan 

You can take part in the whole event or choose a section as we are splitting it in to two for those of you wishing to only attend one part of the evening. Lisa Morgan is a well known local clairvoyant who might have a very familiar face if you take a certain bus journey. Lisa’s style is light and humorous and will come directly to you with messages from loved ones for you or to take home for someone else. Either way Lisa won’t hold back sharing what ever spirit shares with her

Doors open at 18.00 starting the demonstration of Clairvoyance at 18.30-19.30 with a short break resuming 20.00-21.00

it is at this point those of you choosing to leave us will be asked to vacate the building. 

The second part of the event is from 21.30 onwards and will be a full investigation. You will get a tour of the house and estate and hear about the history and haunting.

There will be three or four groups of guests exploring different areas in rotation. This means each group will spend time at each area before moving onto the next one. If you feel nervous you can stay at the central hub at any point and watch the cameras 🙂

You will be shown all the equipment used on investigations.

You will have the chance to try out experiments used on paranormal investigations. These include:-

Human Pendulum – guests in a circle holding hands and another guest is stood in the middle from here we will attempt to use the combined energies to speak to the spirits via sensations such as noises, smells and cold spots.

EVP Sessions – An audio recorder is set up and questions are asked out to the room by hosts and guests and then the audio is played back to see if there is any response.

Live EVP sessions – Using our Kinect Audio Software, Watch the questions in real time and see where in the room sound is being picked up.

K2 Sessions – A EMF meter is setup with multiple colored lights on it ranging from Red through orange and yellow to green and questions are asked out to the room and the spirit is asked to light up certain colored lights in response.

Kinect Interaction Session – Watch live and attempt to communicate with the other side using our Kinect sensor. Will it pick up someone else in the room?

there are various useful phone apps now being used by the top paranormal investigation teams around the world, so do some research and download your chosen apps ready to put them to the test. Sound boxes and emf meters in particular bring great results.

You will then have a chance to investigate the area on your own under the watchful eye of the hosts
There will be multiple pieces of equipment available from EMF Meters, temperature sensors, audio recorders and environmental meters

Throughout the evening at times guests will be split into smaller groups and will meet back up for bigger experiments.


No other investigators have been invited to this place and location so this could be your only opportunity.

The site was a house of rest for the monks of St Augustine’s Abbey, which became Bristol Cathedral. After the Dissolution of the Monasteries, it was granted to Sir George Norton who built an Elizabethan mansion. One of his descendants gave sanctuary to Charles II during his escape to France in 1651. The original house was demolished and rebuilt in the Regency period by Philip John Miles and became the seat of the Miles baronets. In 1917 it was sold to Dr Harold Nelson Burden, for use as a hospital for the mentally challenged which continued until the 1980s. The estate now offers office accommodation, conference and meeting rooms, and an events venue, owned by Business West to whom we a very grateful for there continued support of our community interest company and the work we carry out. 

Despite no official investigations, the area has lots of history. A lady of the house was alledged to have slit her own throat in the bathroom and there was a recent sighting of the spirit of a child reported in the grounds by two campers. Staff have reported strange sounds and some have sighted figures hanging having committed suicide. A security guard saw something whilst on a night shift that made him refuse to enter the building alone and there was also a report of an organ playing by itself.

There are no guarantees we will experience any phenomenon but we hope so !