Easter Hunt

This Easter, why not take part in our annual treasure hunt?

The Easter Bunny will be in Avonmouth on Good Friday (15 April 2022) to give out gifts – please ensure you can visit the Easter Bunny in Avonmouth on Friday 15 April to claim your prize! There are multiple slots to choose from when choosing when to meet the Easter Bunny, to ensure visitors are spread throughout the day and there isn’t a delay. Please consider which slot you’ll be able to attend, and ensure you’ve completed the Easter hunt prior to your slot! 

This event is free to enter, and all children that take part will receive a gift! Any donations raised raised from this event goes towards providing gifts to children at Christmas (in 2021 we handed out over 2500 selection boxes). Without help and donations we would not be able to do this, so thank you. All of our events are organised by volunteers so all donations go back into the community.

A chocolate reward will be available to all those children (under 15) that complete the treasure hunt, but all children must be accompanied by an adult, due to the fact the hunt route will cross over roads. Please note that this event is focused around Avonmouth, so if you are taking part from Shirehampton, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills or Coombe Dingle, you’ll have to travel!

All participants will be required to walk around ~1 mile around the Avonmouth area to find the clues, during the week of 09 – 15 April 2022. Please consider whether you are happy to do this before reserving a place. If you have more than one child (under 15), please request multiple tickets.

There will also be additional riddles released each day of the week prior to Good Friday, with a special prize draw for those solving these riddles.

More details, including the first clue, will be communicated by email nearer the time, so please provide contact details accordingly.

Click here to book your space on our hunt!