This Easter, why not take part in our local treasure hunt?

The free to participate event should be taken part by individual households, being mindful of social distancing guidelines at all times. But with all of the steps taking part outdoors, why not register and have an activity planned during the school easter break!

A chocolate reward will be available to all those children that complete the treasure hunt, however to ensure that people do not take advantage of this free event, a photograph will be required as proof of entry. In addition, due to this being the first year we have attempted this, we will be limiting entries to children that have an address in BS11 9__.

All participants will be required to walk around ~1 mile around the Avonmouth area to find the clues. Please consider whether you are happy to do this before reserving a place that somebody else may appreciate. If you have more than one child, please request multiple tickets.

Upon entry, more details will be made available, and the catchment area may be increased dependant on how many people register.

Click the picture below to register: